Tony Wroten

Tony Wroten (MEM) – “Murder T. Wrote” nike

(Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports)


gries Point Guard: 6’6, 205 lbs; 5th year, Washington | Career: 11.1 points/game, 3 assists/game, 42% FG

T. Wroten: highly erratic, yet highly skilled; tall, lefty guard whose mastered a ton of creative finishes around the basket – whether it’s under control or not, well…; not afraid to go hard at the rim, no matter who’s waiting for him in the lane – Wroten is shifty with euros and fakes, allowing him to elude defenders more often than not; poor shooter, not a threat from downtown – drops arm really far during his follow-through, inconsistent motion; decision-making isn’t all the way there but Wroten keeps his head up for sweet dimes; is he a rotational piece during his second go-round in Memphis?; almost fully back to form after suffering an ACL tear in 2014 (it’s a two-year injury!)

DOG Status: UnderDOG


NBA Role: aggressive penetrator & shot creator

Signature Move: euro step, lefty finish

 (*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: TBD