Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan (SAS) – “The Big Fundamental

(Thomas B. Shea/USA TODAY Sports)


“Center in a Power Forward’s Body”: 6’11, 250 lbs; 19th year, Wake Forest | Career: 19.4 points/game, 11 rebounds/game, 51% FG

A timeless clock, Tim Duncan is the most accomplished player in the last 15 years; after officially receiving the torch from David Robinson, TD, in Coach Pop’s image, has led the Spurs to become one of the best powerhouses in all of sports; a faraway, righty floater (against the grain), face up banker, key blocks and recurring Finals victories will be featured on Duncan’s highlight reels until the end of time; hands down, THE best power forward to ever play basketball

DOG Status: Mixed Breed (DIFFERENT BREED, Top DOG, Salty DOG)


NBA Role: two-way star

Signature Shot: fallaway J