Shane Larkin

Shane Larkin (BKN) – “SugaShane

(Anthony Grupposo/USA TODAY Sports)


Point Guard: 5’11, 175 lbs; 3rd year, Miami | Career: 5.1 points/game, 2.5 assists/game, 43% FG

Shane Larkin is a diminutive PG who’s starting to turn the corner commanding the PnR; sees the floor well but more of a scorer than playmaker, Larkin is effective shooting, post-screens, in the midrange area; despite a 40″ vert, Shane struggles to consistently get off clean looks at the basket – adding a go-to float game would separate him from other, undersized floor generals; sometimes gets picked on in the post by larger PGs; son of MLB Hall of Famer, Barry Larkin; can levitate…

DOG Status: UnderDOG


NBA Role: scoring, point guard

Signature Shot: midrange jumper off a high screen