Sergey Karasev

Sergey Karasev (BKN) – “Kerosene

Sergey Karasev
(Al Bello/Getty Images)


Shooting Guard/Small Forward: 6’7, 208 lbs; 3rd year, Russia | Career: 3.3 points/game, 1.4 rebounds/game, 39% FG

Sergey K: a Russian shooter with a nice, lefty J; limited role during his 3 seasons in the NBA (tore ACL in Year 2) but is occasionally summoned to do what he does best: knock down triples via spot ups; sometimes staggers down the lane for quick floaters but it’s not a common sight; has a nose for the rock off missed looks – Karasev sneaks in for tips quite often; has trouble defending bigger wing players; drafted 19th overall in 2013 (CLE)

DOG Status: UnderDOG


NBA Role: shooter

Signature Shot: 3-pointer