Paul Zipser

Paul Zipser (CHI) – “Zipper” nike

(David Banks/USA TODAY Sports)


CHI Forward: 6’8, 210 lbs; 2nd year, Germany

NBA Role: hybrid forward prospect • UnderDOG

Paul “Zip, Zip, Zipadelphia” Zipser, a second-round German prospect, has proven ready to play for Chicago; a 6’8 forward w/ experience playing on Germany’s National team, Zipser spends time at both forward spots, has held his own; far from your garden variety prospect: Zipser’s shown a bit of versatility – decent shooter* & defender, adept at attacking closeouts as well; able to hit 1-2 dribble pull-ups – important shot in the evolution of Zipser’s offensive attack; needs to add strength, focus on staying disciplined on defense; settling into a role: confidence is growing w/ experience; X-Factor in 2017-18?

*slow-ish shot release but is able to lift off clean looks even if a defender closes hard

Signature Shot: left corner triple

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 68


Couple DOG Facts:

  • Career: 5.5 points/game, 2.8 rebounds/game, 40% FG
  • Avg. 7.3 points/game (2017 playoffs)