Westbrook Sums Up Past Issues With OKC

There’s a report circulating the web containing a quote from Russell Westbrook with his take on the matchups against Real Madrid and Barcelona this presesason. “Their offenses are 10 times better than NBA offense just because they move around a lot. A lot of movement and not as much talent so they have to do different things to be able to score the basketball.” By no means am … Continue reading Westbrook Sums Up Past Issues With OKC

D-Wade Wears 3 and Now Shoots Them As Well

Dwyane Wade is getting acclimated to his old new city, new team, and new players. Chicago is still getting acclimated to seeing him in Bulls gear. And to be honest, it looks strange. But the silver lining in the strange offseason formation of this current team preceded by the departure of hometown guard Derrick Rose, followed by the ushering in of Dwyane Wade, is the … Continue reading D-Wade Wears 3 and Now Shoots Them As Well

The SuperTeam Redefined

The stakes have been raised. The terms ‘Big 3’and ‘Super Team’ have been thrown around for decades but there may finally be a tangible distinction between the two. There isn’t much to the organization of a ‘Big 3’…generally there’s three All-Star’s on the same team. For example, the Showtime Lakers, Bird/Parish/McHale…even the 2011 Miami Heat. Once you start to go down the list you realize that the terms … Continue reading The SuperTeam Redefined

“Derrick Rose Keeps Saying Things, Will Bounce Back in ’16-17”

No one on the planet is more optimistic about New York‘s upcoming season than starting point guard, Derrick Rose. Earlier in the week, he made another pass at the Knicks being some sort of super team capable of winning every single game. Now, following D. Rose for the better part of 8 years in Chicago, you can file this one under the “Derrick Rose Be Sayin’ … Continue reading “Derrick Rose Keeps Saying Things, Will Bounce Back in ’16-17”

“How Will We Remember Each Player on Team USA?”

The 2016 Rio Olympics were (kinda) fun? How is that possible? It seems like every game Team USA played, there were outcries of too much iso-heavy ball, a lack of competition & overall cohesion. But looking back, some 20 or so hours after their gold medal victory, each player had his own signature moment of the Olympics. We’ll Remember… Kyrie Irving‘s summer. Kyrie’s on top … Continue reading “How Will We Remember Each Player on Team USA?”

NBA 2K17 “Friction” Trailer Released

NBA 2K17 is right around the corner*, set to release in a few weeks (Sept. 16th). Today, 2K released its “Friction” trailer, a two-minute teaser video with a few key stars, added animations, & graphics improvements: #NBA2K17 presents: #FRICTION – Spread the word! #ThisIsNotAGame https://t.co/1XQsShU8l7https://t.co/aU7K3lc0k1 — NBA 2K 2K17 (@NBA2K) August 22, 2016 Right off the bat, a few player models & arenas look a bit … Continue reading NBA 2K17 “Friction” Trailer Released

“The Scoop: Gold Medal Edition (Aug. 22nd)”

Cleaning up Team USA’s Gold Medal blowout over Serbia… GOLD MEDAL Game Team USA 96, Serbia 66 Stats Leaders:  PTS: Kevin Durant – 30 | REBS: DeMarcus Cousins – 15 | ASTS: Kyle Lowry – 5 Top DOG of the Night: Kevin Durant (30 points, 5 triples) Quick Recap:  It’s another Gold for Team USA and in this one, Serbia didn’t stand much of a chance. Kevin Durant … Continue reading “The Scoop: Gold Medal Edition (Aug. 22nd)”

“Rondo v. Wade: Throwback Highlights”

It’s still hard to believe longtime rivals Dwyane Wade & Rajon Rondo will share the backcourt this season in Chicago. Ok, to say they were “rivals” is a slight overstatement but Wade & Rondo sure as hell had their fair share of battles during Miami‘s ‘Heatles’ era. So here’s a look at Rondo completely dominating Miami back in the ’12 ECF. The Scene: Game 2, … Continue reading “Rondo v. Wade: Throwback Highlights”

“The Scoop: August 14th (Olympic) Edition”

Cleaning up Team USA’s narrow victory… Game No. 5 Team USA 100, France 97 Stats Leaders:  PTS: Klay Thompson – 30 | REBS: Thomas Heurtal – 8 | ASTS: Kyrie Irving – 12 Top DOG of the Night: Klay Thompson (30 points) Quick Recap:  Another subpar outing by Team USA! – this time, they escaped with a three-point victory over France. Lack of ball movement created a lot of stagnation for … Continue reading “The Scoop: August 14th (Olympic) Edition”