Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic (CHI) – “Threekola” nike

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CHI Forward: 6’10, 220 lbs; 4th year, Montenegro 

NBA Role: scoring forward • UnderDOG

Nikola Mirotic: an unabashedly confident shooter who’s looking to improve his standing in Chicago*; truly believes every shot is water – Niko loves putting his own twist on Dirk-like fadeaways, step backs & turnaround Js; not strictly a gunner** – capable of driving by his matchup for shots near the rim, utilizes a deceiving pump fake to trick guys into committing silly fouls – only problem, Niko has a habit of settling for triples; defense remains a nightly challenge, though Niko is decent at staying in front of quicker opponents while defending PnRs; hasn’t shot as well as anticipated – very low arc on Js, treats the 3-point line like an impenetrable forcefield – regularly camps out a few feet behind the line!; unknown ceiling – regressed the past couple seasons but still has upside? – is his future in CHI?

*billed as a potential star, Niko’s searching for consistency in Coach Hoiberg’s lineup

**ehhh but he kinda is tho – Niko has other skills (besides shooting) that he needs to trust more

Signature Shot: ‘forcefield’ 3

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 76


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 10.8 points/game, 5.3 rebounds/game, 41% FG

NBA All-Rookie First Team (2015)

Spanish League MVP (2013)

James Harden (HOU)‘s #1 contender for “League’s Best Beard”

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