Mo Williams

Maurice Williams (CLE) – “Mo” 

Mo Will
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cavsPoint Guard: 6’1, 198 lbs; 13th year, Alabama | Career: 13.4 points/game, 5 assists/game, 38% 3FG

Mo Williams is reunited with LeBron in Cleveland after a successful stint a few years back (including a 60-win season & 1-time All-Star berth); Salty DOG who still has eruptive scoring ability; dropped 52 points on the Pacers in 2014-15…anddddd the majority of them were jumpers (high-release fadeaways and step backs are Mo’s bread and butter); great feel of when to pass or shoot out of the PnR; leapfrogged in the rotation after a series of injuries in 2016 but still won his 1st NBA Championship! (*yay*); in limbo…Mo’s impressive, Star UnderDOG career is nearing its end

DOG Status: Salty DOG


NBA Role: scoring point guard

Signature Shot: step back J

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 73