Key Terms

Delay of Game’s “Key Terms”

(Kelley C. Cox/USA TODAY Sports)
(Kelley C. Cox/USA TODAY Sports)

Alpha DOGs (n.)

Reserved for the top 10 teams in the NBA, top 10 NCAA teams.

Best in Show (n.)

A head-to-head matchup pitting two players, teams, coaches, etc. against each other.

Boogie Night (n.)

Destructive outing in which Boogie tallies a monster double-double, feeds teammates, swacks a 3, and takes a charge (or two) en route to a Kings victory.

COLD. (adj.)

Used to describe players, teams, moves, highlights, etc. – undeniably great

Cool (adj.) 

Used to describe players, teams, moves, highlights, etc. – a step above ‘meh’ 


The game’s most elite talent: Top 10 NBA Superstars, NCAA Players of the Year.

Think: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook.

DOG Facts:

Random blurbs, accomplishments, “worth mentionings”* of a player.

*featured in Delay of Game’s Original Profiles

KHSOG (n.)

The prestigious Kirk Hinrich School of Grit (or KHSOG), a hard knocks institution that’s produced such fellows TJ McConnell & Matthew Dellavedova.

Mixed Breed (n.)

Rare, hybrid veterans who fall under multiple categories.

Think: Dwyane Wade • (Top DOG, Salty DOG).

N.Y.P.S. (n.)

NYPS (Nick Young Passing Scale)

A measure of how inefficient one is at recording an assist.

Namesake: LA Lakers swingman, Nick Young.

“Redshirt” Rookie (n.)

A player who sits out his “real” rookie year due to injury.

Ex. Blake Griffin (drafted in 2010, debuted in 2011)

Salty DOG (n.)

From an aging star adjusting to a lessened role or veteran leader with 10+ years experience, Salty DOGs hold everything together.

Think: Vince Carter.

Star UnderDOG (n.)

Top-notch role player or borderline star who always makes an undeniable impact.

Think: Jae Crowder.

Star UnderDOG of the Night (n.)

Role player with the greatest impact of the day or game.

Limited to UnderDOGs, Star UnderDOGs, Future Top DOGs & Salty DOGs.

Swish Mode (n.)

When J.R. Smith catches fire and unleashes a barrage of contested threes.

Top DOG (n.)

From Jimmy Butler to John Wall, this category includes go-to players and All-Star caliber talent.

Top DOG In Training (n.)

Future Top DOGs who are still in school/overseas or are on the track to stardom in the NBA.

Think: Devin Booker.

Top DOG of the Night (n.)

Player with the best performance of the night.

Anyone can achieve it, from an UnderDOG to DIFFERENT BREED.

UnderDOG (n.)

From a 12th man to an undrafted rook to a role player/specialist like Doug McDermott, UnderDOGs are key to any squad.