Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin (SAS) – “K-Mart”

K Martin
(Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports)


Shooting Guard: 6’7, 199 lbs; 12th year, Western Carolina | Career: 18 points/game, 3.3 rebounds/game, 44% FG

Kevin Martin, with his corkscrew jumper, was born to score the rock; nowadays, Martin exclusively makes a living on the perimeter, a contrast from his elite foul-drawing ability back in the day; if left open from the three-point line, you might as well chalk it up; hilariously inept defender and passer buttt K. Mart could contribute some timely hoops during SA’s playoff run (brought in for wing scoring insurance); mid-major success story (starred at Western Carolina)

DOG Status: Salty DOG


NBA Role: scoring, two guard

Signature Shot: corkscrew 3 off the curl