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(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

*Introducing* Delay of Game Hoops – Here, at Delay of Game, we’re dedicated to bringing you quality and consistent basketball coverage ranging from daily updates, features, predictions, recaps, and more!

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There’s a little bit of something for everybody – join us on a magnificent journey into the world of basketball

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#2 Jabari Jelks* (University of Southern California ’13, Twitter: @delaybaro, IG: @jabarijelks)

  • A lifelong hoops fan drops everything and impulsively embarks on a journey into basketball cyberspace

#26 Darryl Falconer* (University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign ’13, Twitter: @delaydarryl)

  • Delay Hoops’ spark plug – intertwining humor, satire, and soliloquy into one package

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