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Elfrid Payton (ORL) – “Elf” nike

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orl Point Guard: 6’4, 185 lbs; 4th year, Louisiana-Lafayette

NBA Role: two-way PG Star UnderDOG

A Magic trickster outta Louisiana-Lafayette, Elfrid Payton is Orlando’s point guard of the future – and so far, he’s shown more than a few flashes of greatness; can’t shoot a lick but does not attempt the three ball at a high rate, a sign of maturity – still able to get defenders to commit all the way in the lane despite being a poor shooter (looks for the pop-out J guy before forcing up a bad shot); Payton isn’t a nasty finisher but gets the job done – uses size to score over smaller PGs, quickness to weave through screens (tries to get in the paint every time he touches the ball – if EP catches it on the elbow, he already has a beat towards the rim); does whatever it takes to get back to his right hand for a finish (needs a left!) – can’t play him left tho because he can score (on that side) w/ opposite-hand layups; good rebounder – should take it off glass and push the pace more; active hands, plays the passing lanes well; plays way too fast at times but more seasoning and game experience will do wonders

Signature Shot: hard-driving layup

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 75


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/shape-tool

Career: 10.8 points/game, 6.5 assists/game, 45% FG

NBA All-Rookie First Team (2015)

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