Chris Paul

Chris Paul (LAC) – “CP3” cp3

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clips Point God: 6’0, 175 lbs; 13th year, Wake Forest 

NBA Role: two-way superstar Hybrid

Sure, Chris Paul has never reached the Conference Finals but it has absolutely no bearing on his status as both a top 2-3 PG in today’s NBA and one of the best players of all-time; a tenacious defender & master commander on offense, Paul has not missed a beat over the years; oversees the flow of games like no other – if LAC wants to run, CP3 will push it…if not, he’ll gradually penetrate and break down the defense – Paul looks off defenders like a star quarterback; better than anyone else in the league at picking when to takeover games and impose his will (normally prefers heating up in the second half after establishing a flow/foundation for his teammates – gets Blake going via FT line action or high ball screens, DJ up top, & JJ on the perimeter); can hurt you from all over; string of bad luck w/ season-ending injuries (himself and/or teammates) – when’s CP3’s title shot?*

*in year 13, it’s time to consider Paul from an historical perspective – not that he’s close to being done or anything – now’s when we, as a basketball community, need to ponder what Paul needs to overtake other PGs on the ‘All-Time Ladder’ – Does he need just 1 title to pass Isiah Thomas? • Is he already ahead of Jason Kidd? (won a title w/ DAL nearing the end of his career)

  • yes. and yes?

Signature Move: ‘stop on a dime’ • fadeaway going right

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 91


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 18.7 points/game, 9.9 assists/game, 4.4 rebounds/game, 47% FG

2x Olympic Gold Medalist (’08, ’12)

4x All-NBA First Team (Last: 2014)

9x All-Star (Last: 2016) starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar

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