Chris Johnson

Christapher Johnson (UTA) “CJ” nike 

(Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports)


utsmallShooting Guard/Small Forward: 6’6, 206 lbs; 5th year, Dayton | Career: 4.4 points/game, 2 rebounds/game, 39% FG

Chris Johnson, a ‘journeyswingman’ of five years, usually finds a way to make someone’s roster – it’s no coincidence either, Johnson is coveted as a hard-working ‘pinch-hitter’ who dogs wings on the perimeter; super low-key, 3&D threat; far from Michael Redd but CJ can hit his lefty, corner 3 when given time to load up; really, really gets after it defensively – Quin Snyder calls CJ’s number when he needs a stop: end of quarter, late in the game, etc. – moves well laterally, scraps for steals & rebounds, won’t give up a lot of ground; normally very dependable, needs to work more as a slasher (which he’s solid at) to open up driving lanes; good athlete; Quin Snyder’s utility swingman, CJ’s an underrated part of Utah’s lineup

DOG Status: UnderDOG


NBA Role: athletic wing

Signature Shot: corner 3

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: TBD