Cameron Bairstow

Cameron Bairstow (DET) “The Bear

(Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports)


Power Forward: 6’9, 250 lbs; 3rd year, New Mexico | Career: 1.2 points/game, 1 rebound/game, 30% FG 

Cam Bairstow, a somewhat-imposing power forward from New Mexico (via Australia), showed off an improved shooting touch during the Summer of 2015; likes to bang down low when it’s convenient aka when Cam has a severe matchup advantage; slow hooks and a Matthew Dellavedova-esque shooting form don’t do wonders for Bairstow’s aesthetics; can he ever defend and rebound well enough to join Detroit’s rotation?; looks eerily similar to Tom Thibodeau

DOG Status: UnderDOG


NBA Role: inside-scoring, power forward

Signature Shot: “opposite direction” midrange J