Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin (LAC) “Blake Show” jumpmab 

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clips Power Forward: 6’10, 251 lbs; 8th year, Oklahoma 

NBA Role: offensive superstar Top DOG

One of the most athletically gifted power forwards ever, Blake Griffin’s all-around game has rounded out beautifully; instead of just relying on his natural gifts, Blake’s worked on every aspect to reach ‘Top DOG’ status in the Association; incredible foul line confidence with Chris Paul in the PnR; incredible confidence as a playmaking roll man: freedom to shoot, lob to DeAndre Jordan* or attack the rim with a twisting finish or mutilating throw down; coulddd bang more in the post when matched up with smaller defenders – Blake’s no Karl Malone on the box but he’s tremendously strong and would be even tougher to stop if featuring a (more reliable) go-to turn or fadeaway, just sayin’; an MVP candidate each season (if healthy), Blake’s trophy case will continue to expand as he takes complete reign over the Clips


Signature Move: ‘The Blake Griffin Experience’

(*factory setting*) NBA 2K17 Rating: 87


Couple DOG Facts:

Photo Shape Editor:

Career: 21.5 points/game, 9.4 rebounds/game, 52% FG

5x All-Star (Last: 2015) starstarstarstarstar

3x All-NBA Second Team (’12-’14)

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