Javale McGee: A Bay Area Bargain

JaVale ponders whether he can achieve golden glory with the Warriors in ’16’17. (AP Photo/2015)

Javale McGee was added to his 5th NBA team this summer and due to some good fortune, it’s probably the best team he’ll ever be a part of for the rest of his life.

During the overhaul of the Golden State Warrior roster, the Dubs lost a lot of their depth in the front court, including Andrew Bogut, Marreese Speights, and Festus Ezeli. On one hand, it seems like a fair byproduct of adding Kevin Durant to your roster, but next thing you know, you have Anderson Varejao as your starting center.

Insert Mr. Shaqtin a Fool himself.

In an unexpected but well executed  move, the Warriors signed McGee to a veterans minimum $1 million contract. The risk/reward factor is stacked highly in Golden State’s favor. Due to the current makeup of this team, adding a player such as McGee who has historically faced some basketball-IQ challenges poses no threat to the winning culture established there.

Adding McGee to a team such as the current-day Lakers could prove to be a disaster for his growth; McGee needed to go to a team that was firmly rooted in accountability, structure, success, and most importantly; clearly defined roles.

Make no mistake about it; the Warriors didn’t bring in Javale to score points. I think they’ll take their chances with the onslaught of weapons they already have on their roster. The Warriors knew that anchored defense would need to be a huge part of their operation so bringing in a guy that can run the length of the floor, block shots, and alter drives is the role McGee will hold.

When that’s your only job, (a la Tristan Thompson). it decreases the ability for blunder plays to happen, although put no situation past Mr Shaqtin a Fool, as I’ve stated before.

Positives for this signing are as follows:

  • Javale is only 28 years old.
  • His deal is worth a paltry $1 million, compared to the money bags teams were throwing out for potentially worse centers this summer.
  • He received a strong cosign from Andre Iguodala (his Denver Nuggets teammate once upon  time) which influenced Steve Kerr’s decision to get him signed.

Negatives are as follows

  • Javale is turning into a journeyman, which sometimes directs itself to a problem with the player and not the other teams.
  • He has suffered a series of strains and stress fractures to the same left leg every year since 2013. There are legitimate concerns about the consistency and availability of his health.

No matter how you slice the situation, the risk is too minor in comparison to the reward. If this pans out, the Warriors will live up to their “miles ahead other organizations” comments by nabbing one of the most under-the-radar centers in the free agency pool this summer.


Darryl F

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