“Big Ute”: Jakob Poeltl Prospect Profile

Jakob NBA
Jakob Poeltl: a top 10 pick? (Jeff Swinger/USA TODAY Sports)

Jakob Poeltl (Sophomore, Utah)

Center/7’1/240/Age: 20

Product of…Arkadia Traiskirchen via Vienna, Austria

Quick Stats

17.3 points/game, 9.1 rebounds/game, 1.6 blocks/game

7’1 sophomore Jakob Poeltl is shot-blocker and lane clogger in the middle. During his two years at Utah, Poeltl served as Larry Krystowiak’s designated watch dogs in the middle and embraced a s role as a rim protector. On offense, Poeltl gets buckets by flashing down the lane with short Js, midrange shots, and forever staying active in the paint.

Unlike other prospects entering the draft, Poeltl’s translatable skills will likely yield solid minutes a rookie. And if his defense is as good as advertised against NBA level competition, he’ll be a top first-year.

NBA Skills: Rim protection


-One of the best defensive prospects in the draft; very mobile 7-footer who covers a ton of ground in the paint; won’t bite on fakes and stays solid when defending

-Loves dirty work – fights in the trenches for rebounds, contributes winning plays; Pac-12’s leader in win shares a year ago; able to adjust to a smaller role despite

-Feathery touch at the basket; capable of scoring off quick feeds, rolls, and short hooks; solid to about 18 feet

(Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports)


-A bit mechanical in the post; decent arsenal but moves appear a too calculated at times

-Needs to further extend his J to become a viable pick and pop option

-Not an explosive athlete, could struggle to produce high volume scoring v. more athletic pivots; needs multiple action down low

NBA DOG Status: UnderDOG

Jakob Poeltl shouldn’t have a steep learning curve in the NBA but how quickly will he be able to establish a couple go-to moves on offense? He doesn’t have a great wingspan, so generating offense with rolling to the room, as well as hitting a consistent 15-18 footer, will be the primary sources to starts.

As a prospect slated to go mid-late lottery, however, Poeltl’s ready made skills make him a valuable selection.

NBA Comparison: Andrew Bogut (Milwaukee-era)


-Jabari J.

One thought on ““Big Ute”: Jakob Poeltl Prospect Profile

  1. Nice write-up. Things bode well for him if he’s like Adrew Bogut, because Bogut still gets playing time with the Warriors, the team people consider as the blueprint for today’s NBA.


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