“Underrated”: Malik Beasley Prospect Profile

beasley nba
Florida State’s Malik Beasley can score on the outside. (Phil Sears/USA TODAY Sports)

Malik Beasley (Freshman, Florida State)

Shooting Guard-Small Forward/6’5/190/Age: 20

Product of…St. Francis HS (Alpharetta, GA)

Quick Stats

15.6 points/game, 5.3 rebounds/game, 1.5 assists/game

Florida State’s Malik Beasley is young, athletic, can really shoot from outside and LOVES to defend. Sounds like a future lottery pick, right?

Well, he should be! At FSU, he had more than his share of solid appearances, featuring nights where he stood out on the glass (v. MISS ST), filled the lane in transition and caught fire from outside (v. BC). An incredible leaper, Beasley can lift off from outside the lane and throw down jams in transition. And ok, I know what you’re thinking…everybody in the league is athletic (for the most part) and thinks they’re the next Reggie Miller.

Even ignoring Beasley’s shooting for a sec, he should be a higher valued prospect on his defensive potential alone. Even though he isn’t the biggest (or strongest) wing, Beasley is extremely quick, anticipates movements well, and can avoid fouling on the way to some “shutdown” nights.

12-22 is Beasley’s range but don’t be surprised if he eventually climbs a little higher.


NBA Skills: Perimeter scoring, defense


-Great outside shooter with a quick, “pop-up” release from downtown; 36% of his FGA came from long range, converted at a 38% rate; won’t hesitate to fire in transition or coming off screens

-Loves the challenge of defending top perimeter players; doesn’t have ideal size but Beasley uses his athleticism and quickness to get to spots and maintain his ground

-Exudes a ton of energy when inserted into the game; could make his niche as a disruptive, change of pace shooter and defender

beasley prospect
(Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)


-Lacks elite size to play small forward; smaller than most SFs, needs to get stronger to contain bigger twos

-Not much of a shot creator; had more turnovers (59) than assists (51) at FSU; can make the extra pass but needs to learn how to carefully get into the lane and find easy scoring chances for teammates

-Has talent off the dribble and getting into the lane, just doesn’t mix it up enough yet; settles far too often; needs to trust his other skills to open up avenues for outside shots

NBA DOG Status: Star UnderDOG

Beasley has all the tools to make noise as a shooter and defender aka a “3 & D” guy. It doesn’t end there (Beasley’s athleticism and intensity on both sides should help him adapt quicker than most), but that’s the most realistic outcome of his immediate NBA future. 

Can he master off ball movement, becoming a better shot creator and learning how to finish non-dunks at the rim? If he begins to show improvement in any of those areas, you’re gonna get excellent value in the first round: a 19-year old wing, with a true NBA skill (shooting), featuring crazy work ethic.

NBA Comparison: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


-Jabari J.

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