“…In the Rough”: Diamond Stone Prospect Profile

diamond stone nba
Diamond Stone is a raw pivot with impressive size and strength. (Sandra Dukes/USA TODAY Sports)

Diamond Stone (Freshman, Maryland)

Center/6’10/255/Age: 19

Product of…Whitefish Bay Dominican (Milwaukee, WI)

Quick Stats

12.5 points/game, 5.4 rebounds/game, 0.4 assists/game

Diamond Stone has THE best name out of any prospect in this draft…and he’s not a half-bad big to boot! In his lone season with the Terps, Stone showcased a very nice touch down low with the ability to step out and knock down long jumpers. He’s not exactly an “inside-out,” hybrid player yet but his strength and speed are right where they need to be at this stage.

When he exploded for 39 points v. Penn State back in January, the performance was (almost instantly) met with, “Whoa, he can already take over games and impose his will physically?” But after inconsistent showings the rest of the way, Stone finds himself more in project territory than lottery pick/mid-first rounder.

His draft range is all over the place but he has a ton of promise.

NBA Skills: Inside scoring


-STRONG base on the interior, tough pivot; will completely move guys to get to his optimal spots down low; plays with an edge

-Pretty good shooter, shot FTs at a 76% clip; can step out and hit long Js near the three-point line

-Smart & confident; knows his role is to play strong, feels he can outmuscle anyone on the interior

(USA TOFAY Sports)


-Will slide over for help side blocks but is not a strong defender or defensive rebounder at this stage; could really thrive if he focuses on using his size and snagging boards (avg. just over 5/game last year) in the lane

-Needs to work on finishing through contact, a turnaround J, hooks & floaters over his right shoulder/after a counter; won’t crush as many guys in the post in the NBA; must work on keeping the ball high and going up strong after paint catches

-Has checked out of ball games if things aren’t going his way; settling down and locking in on the “little things” (rotating, playing D without fouling, etc.) is a priority

NBA DOG Status: UnderDOG

D. Stone is a project and would greatly benefit from falling to an established playoff team with veteran leaders. There is a TON of intrigue here, mainly due to his size, strength & shooting touch.

Stone’s range is around 18-35 and he could end up as an excellent source for points and boards before too long.

NBA Comparison: Kendrick Perkins/Jonas Valanciunas (BEST CASE)


-Jabari J.

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