“Shake ‘Em Up”: Dejounte Murray Prospect Profile

dejounte murray nba
Dejounte Murray has flair to go along with emerging lead guard skills. (Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports

Dejounte Murray (Freshman, Washington)

Guard/6’5/170/Age: 19

Product of…Rainier Beach HS (Seattle, WA)

Quick Stats

16.1 points/game, 6 rebounds/game, 4.4 assists/game

The next great Seattle guard is Dejounte Murray, a 6’5 floor general with a flair for the dramatic. In more of the vein of a Jamal Crawford, Murray’s ability to create shots is his biggest asset thus far.

While he does possess a very good feel for the making PnR reads, he doesn’t yet have true command of possessions. Learning how to take care of the ball is key, as cutting down on turnovers gives him a shot to play lead guard for a very long time in the NBA.

Murray’s far from a finished product. His jumper is inconsistent, gaining 15-20 pounds of upper body muscle is essential and developing a better pace of play are three main drawbacks. But if you’re a mid-late lottery team searching for a high-upside shot creator with emerging skills at point, Dejounte may be worth the risk.

NBA Skills: Shot-creating


-Creative wing scorer; extremely long arms, superb handle – can get into the lane and convert tricky lay-ins and floaters; natural shot creator who is always looking to get a good opportunity

-Brings a lot to the table; raw ability to defend & rebound (over 6/game as a freshman) as a tall PG (6’5), while distributing and generating action for teammates; gets after it defensively, finsihed second in the Pac-12 in steals

-Great athlete; explosive speed and change of direction crossovers in the open court; will drive hard to the rack and finish off buckets in a crowd

dejounte murray prospect
(USA TODAY Sports)


-Very slight frame; more lanky than strong; will gain upper body strength once afforded the luxury of consistent reps & training

-A little too erratic as a decision-maker at this stage; led the Pac-12 in turnovers, gets a bit wild/flashy at times

-Not a great long range shooter; almost has to get into the paint to score with ease; only 24% of his attempts came from downtown; has a slight hitch in his J

NBA DOG Status: UnderDOG

Dejounte Murray is a very interesting study, as he strongly resembles a young “J. Crossover”- excellent shake, inventive shot creation with an undeveloped long-range game. Some scouts love him, others not so sure. There’s a real chance he’s a mid-level lottery pick when it’s all said and done.

His agent’s Rich Paul, so ANYTHING is liable to happen. By skipping the combine, some teams weren’t able to see Murray’s open court style, intensity and scoring acumen. Once he gains strength and learns to play more under control, he’ll make a huge impact in the league.

NBA Comparison: Jamal Crawford


-Jabari J.

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