“OKC: A Team of Destiny?”

OKC Thunder
Is it OKC’s year? (Getty Images)

Every once in a while, there comes a team capable of ignoring critics, defying odds and reaching the Promised Land despite a tremendous disadvantage.

The Oklahoma City Thunder…are not that team. Everything you’ve seen them accomplish thus far in the postseason comes to no surprise for anyone in the organization. Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant won’t allow them to rest on their laurels or celebrate prematurely.

Up 2-1 over Golden State means absolutely nothing right now.

They’ve been there before – playing for an NBA championship in 2012. They know what it takes to finish the deal and collectively overcome a powerful juggernaut.

They know how difficult it is to compete for titles in the West and what it means to seize the moment instead of playing tight.

The San Antonio series was a culmination of Final Form OKC, a championship-caliber team with killer instinct. Two of the league’s top 5 players, in their prime, rising to the occasion and producing huge scoring nights and triple-doubles.

On talent alone, it’s only so long you’re gonna prevent such a talented 1-2 punch from fulfilling their destiny.

Add invaluable contributions from role players (particularly Steven Adams, Andre Roberson & Dion Waiters), an eager, yet stoic coach (Billy Donovan) with creative schemes & an all-timer (KD) whose immediate future is in question and you get a balanced squad, with the ability to adjust, in win-now mode.

Now, OKC not being a classic UnderDOG story doesn’t mean they aren’t a “team of destiny.” With every big break, clutch bucket and convincing blowout, OKC is becoming stronger – like a beast that feeds off the broken dreams of conference powerhouses.

Sitting just two games away from returning to the Finals for the first time since 2012, you have to wonder…maybe it’s just their year.


-Jabari J.

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