“Can Anyone F*** Wit KlayDray?”

Don’t forget about the power of KlayDray. (Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports)

There’s an unstoppable duo beginning to emerge.An All-Star sniper with size and game-changing potential on both ends. A do-it-all forward crossing over into superstar territory.

Klay ThompsonDraymond Green.


Sometimes, when you play with a talent like Stephen Curry, it’s tough to showcase a DIFFERENT BREED-type of game. For Klay, swishing long-distance bombs is second nature when slotted next to Steph. That said, he’s best described as “option #2” on any normal night.

For Dray, boarding, dishing, leading the break, setting screens and cashing trail triples are all in a night’s work. But once again, he’s not always the primary option for a defense to key in on.

Don’t get me wrong, to defeat the Warriors, you need to play near perfect basketball, including limiting the impact of KlayDray and shooters, while hounding Curry into an uncharacteristically bad night.

But even when Curry isn’t in the lineup, you’re dealing with two of the league’s top 12 players in KlayDray, a uniquely underrated combo.

Now KlayDray isn’t talked about when discussing a prolific 1-2 punches. But without Curry, there’s no questioning their place near the top. Over the last three games, Klay has averaged 29 points/night with 21 threes under his belt.

And Dray? Well, he’s upped the ante also, averaging nearly 19 points along with 10 rebounds & 8.3 dimes. And the unbelievable part? The production is sustainable.

KlayDray isn’t just a beautifully concocted moniker, it’s a microcosm of Thompson & Green’s chemistry and natural, complementary talents. Dray is smart – he’ll set a few screens to free up Klay for looks to get him going early on (once that happens, a 30-point night is in store).

When Curry doesn’t suit up, Green has all the freedom in the world to play heavier minutes and get guys involved. And Klay does reap a few benefits also, including those “Stephfortless” heat-checks. So instead of launching 7-9 threes/game, it balloons to 12-15.

And on defense, it no longer needs to be said that Dray is as adaptable as they come and Klay is capable of shutting down perimeter threats when locked in.

Now, I’m not saying the Warriors are better without Steph by any means. KlayDray‘s production, coupled with Steve Kerr’s genuine belief in everyone on the roster is why GS has won 77 of its last 88 games.

But when you gun for the Dubs, you’re messing with three top DOGS.

Before you figure out how to check the MVP, think long and hard for a way to f*** wit KlayDray.


-Jabari J.

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