“Space Jam 2: Starring LeBron James”

bron space
LeBron James…in his biggest role yet. (Getty Images)

Well, it’s official. Space Jam 2 is happening, featuring none other than LeBron James, who will follow in Michael Jordan’s footsteps and (potentially) lead the Tune Squad to victory!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Fast & The Furious‘s Justin Lin will direct the film, which does not have a release date as of yet. Whether it’s a re-hashing of MJ’s original quest to save the galaxy or a sequel, the plot of Space Jam 2 will be important in recapturing the magic (yes, I’m a fan) felt from the 1996 version.

Selecting LeBron over a (slightly) more popular, current star like Steph Curry is interesting, though Bron carried the unofficial title of “league’s Top DOG” for many years and has a few acting roles already under his belt.

And remember, including LeBron doesn’t mean excluding other big-name stars in the film. Just watch, there will be plenty of guys vying for a role in a Space Jam reboot via social media.

All I’m asking for is Blake Griffin to be included in some capacity and a cameo appearance by MJ.

But let us know – who would you cast and what would the plot be about?


-Jabari J.

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