“Heeeeeere We Go! Matt Barnes v. Derek Fisher”

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher finally settle the score (sort of). (Associated Press)

The Matt Barnes-Derek Fisher fiasco has finally come to a head. After months of controversy and dismissive strikes on the interwebs, the two men finally decided to settle it in the octagon.

Well, sort of. EA Sports’ UFC 2 pit the two men against each other to hash things out…once and for all!


After an unrealistically “respectful” glove touch to begin the match, Barnes came out firing on all cylinders.

Nicknamed “The Enforcer,” Barnes came out strong with a couple of uppercuts and body shots that sent Fisher staggering. Five years his junior and still in tip top, NBA shape, Barnes took advantage by unleashing a flurry of strikes before knocking him out with a deadly, left-handed hook (ironic because Barnes actually prefers finishing with his left!).

His reaction?



-Jabari J.

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