Memory Lane Monday: “The Moment”

Splash. (Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports)

The NCAA Tournament officially kicks off tomorrow, with a couple of exciting “First Four” matchups on the slate. But before we dive into the action, let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane and look at an exciting, opening round game.

The good news is you don’t have to thoroughly search your memory bank – no, no…the game in question was happened just last year, featuring a sharpshooting guard, a last second shot, his father and a chair!

Yep, last year’s meeting between UnderDOG Georgia State & Baylor was an instant classic, with RJ Hunter and his father (and head coach), Ron, producing a special, special moment.

Not many experts predicted 14-seed Georgia State would have a shot v. Baylor, a veteran group that actually returns much of their roster for another tourney berth this season.

Ron Hunter
Will anything top Ron & RJ Hunter’s moment from last year. (Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports)

RJ Hunter, however, was the classic, fill-it-up long-range scorer whose deadly J could instantly turn the tides of any close game.

With the ball in his hands, and a chance to ice it for the Bulldogs, RJ lifted up a bomb from downtown and…well, take a look!


Rewind a couple times and scan the sideline. Nursing a torn Achilles, Ron Hunter was confined to a comfy recliner the entire night.

But when his son hit the biggest shot of his life, Ron couldn’t hide his excitement. Moments like this defineĀ madness.

Welcome back, March.


-Jabari J.

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