“Ballin’ Like I’m KD: Brandon Ingram Prospect Profile”

B. Ingram
Brandon Ingram has the makings of a future NBA star. (Mark Dolejs/USA TODAY Sports)

Brandon Ingram (Freshman, Duke)

Forward/6’9/190/Age: 18

Product of…Kinston HS (Kinston, NC)

Quick Stats

16.7 points/game, 6.8 rebounds/game, 1.9 assists/game

Brandon Ingram has a legitimate shot to hear his name called first in this June’s NBA Draft. With excellent size, scoring acumen and a real killer instinct, the talented freshman has a ton of star tendencies. There’s no other first-year in the nation with as varied an offensive game as Ingram – can give it to you from deep (40% from downtown), in the post over smaller defenders and is rapidly growing as a ball-handler and shot creator.

Hmm, a 6’9 forward, with great footwork, who can handle the rock and stroke it with the best of them? Sounds a lot like a young Kevin Durant, doesn’t it? Now, Ingram obviously has miles to go in his development but Durant-like abilities are already prevalent in his game. And similar to KD, questions regarding his lack of strength constantly arise.

But as an 18-year old kid handling the pressure playing for Coach K and the Blue Devils, Ingram’s star is set to shine brighter and brighter as we inch closer to draft day.

NBA Skills: Iso scoring, shooting


-Natural-born scorer; not many weaknesses on that side of the ball – loves facing up and driving by slower defenders, cashes quick Js off a live dribble, uses his tremendous wingspan (7’3) to finish in transition

-Good attention to detail; takes advantage of matchups on offense, improved as a defender and leader over the course of 2015-16

-Top DOG mentality: can takeover and score 12-15 straight points; wants the rock in tight situations and delivers more often than not; can get his shot off in almost any situation

B. Ingram Prospect
(Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)


-Needs to add muscle (upper and lower body) to become a stronger force on the boards, withstand NBA physicality and the grind of an 82-game season

-Defensive rebounding (goes hand in hand with adding strength), sliding and shot blocking need work; length and IQ should yield far better results on D

-Pretty quick but won’t effortlessly blow by opponents; developing even more counters will help gain the advantage over superior athletes

NBA DOG Status: Top DOG

Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons are neck and neck for the #1 overall pick. Ingram, a smooth scorer with superstar potential, could be favored by teams looking to build a foundation that includes explosive scoring & shooting.

No matter where he lands, however, you’re getting a potential All-Star and franchise cornerstone by Year 3.

NBA Comparison: Kevin Durant


-Jabari J.

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