“DOGs of the Week: Jan. 18-Jan. 24”

Boogie C.
In this edition of DOGs of the Week, Boogie brings bountiful buckets. (Ed Szczepanski/USA TODAY Sports)

From a dominant All-Star re-affirming his candidacy, to an underrated lead guard making a push for Toronto to a veteran with an unquenched thirst for triple-doubles, here are the DOGs of the Week!


Top DOG of the Week:

Boogie LAL

DeMarcus Cousins (3-0 record, wins over LAL, ATL, & IND)

“We’ve picked it up.” DeMarcus Cousins


DeMarcus Cousins is a MONSTROUS force of destruction…just ask anyone who’s faced the Kings during the month of January (avg. 32.5 ppg, 13.7 rpg; SAC = 8-3). Though Boogie may take some heat for his on-court behavior, he’s truly the most dominant modern big man we’ve seen in quite some time.

At this point, there’s literally not a single weakness you can really harp on. If you sag off, he’ll hit a J. If he receives a nice entry feed on the block, it’s two points.
Over the past week, Cousins embarrassed the Lake Show with 36 & 16, crushed ATL with 24, 15 and 5 (1st win v. Hawks in 8 years!), and put up a career-high 48 POINTS (along with 13 boards) in a convincing victory over Indiana.

The Indy game, in particular, was the latest entry in DeMarcus’s recent string of “Boogie Nights.” And most importantly, Sacramento is a playoff team??? Yes, you read that correctly.
Boogie and the gang are rolling – they lead the West’s 8th spot by 1 game. It’s even more impressive because he’s led the charge on both ends (Kings have held their last three opponents to under 100 points).
Boogie’s a surefire All-Star and will be a strong candidate for Player of the Month.


UnderDOG of the Week:

Kemba W.

Kemba Walker (3-1 record, wins over UTA, ORL, & NYK)

“When you get it going like that, the basket gets awful big.” – Quin Snyder

To Kemba Walker, the rim looks wider than an ocean. Now, Kemba has been in the UnderDOG category for his entire NBA career but today, on the heels of a Player of the Week award and two 40+ performances, he is officially a Top DOG (*much like Draymond Green a couple of weeks back, this is our unofficial sendoff for Walker from Star UnderDOG to Top DOG*).

A cat-quick shot-maker with a killer handle, Walker is extremely tough to corral when he has a live dribble. During last Monday’s tilt with Utah, Gordon Hayward (36 points) and co. kept making runs to stay in the game and force two overtimes.

But when it was closing time, “Cardiac Kemba” lived up to his nickname and cashed buckets on the way to a franchise-record 52 points. What made this week’s outings even more special was Kemba’s all-around attack.

He ordered a side of 9 boards and 8 assists to complement his 52-point night and served up 9 dimes and 7 rebounds while dropping 40 on Orlando.

Kemba’s FEASTING on defenses in 2016 – will it be enough to secure an All-Star berth on Thursday? Keep it locked.


Salty DOG of the Week


Rajon Rondo (3-0, wins over LAL, ATL, & IND)

“He’s one of the most gifted players, point guards in the game.” Frank Vogel

Another lead guard making a strong push for All-Star consideration is (former All-Star) Rajon Rondo, who notched his sixth triple-double over the weekend. We’re not in the business of jinxing players but it truly seems as if Rondo is finally on the same page as his talented teammates.

Instead of empty numbers, Sacramento is closing out opponents and picking up tight Ws in the process. On the outside looking in, Rondo should one of SacTown’s leaders – he’s an NBA champion with a winning acumen. For whatever reason, it hasn’t shaken out that way so far, though recent signs have been more than encouraging.

Rondo sliced his way to 17 assists v. LAL, notched a trip-dub v. ATL (the very next night), and messing around and got ANOTHER ONE against Indy (11, 10 & 10).

He resemble the Rajon of old, casually posterizing defenders while calling out defensive plays like a linebacker who’s been around the block. Sacramento has one five in a row and won’t slow down as long as Rondo keeps it going.


-Jabari J.

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