“The Adventures of Melo & Zinger!”

Melo and Zinger take Manhattan! (Charles Wenzelberg/AP)
Melo and Zinger take Manhattan! (Charles Wenzelberg/AP)

There’s a budding bro-mance developing in the Big Apple. And if you’re a Knicks fan, it’s a welcoming sight for the future.

Introducing…The Adventures of Melo & Zinger! If you’re not familiar with these (obviously) shortened monikers, Carmelo Anthony and rookie Kristaps Porzingis are starting to form a bond and build chemistry heading into the new campaign. In what sounds more like an 80s B movie about a pair of “mismatched” heroes, New York’s hopes depend upon how well these two mesh.

It’s easily a reality show waiting to happen…from Carmelo showing Kristaps all of NY’s hot spots to Kristaps exposing Melo to Latvian culture, the possibilities are endless!

On the basketball side, it’s very important that Carmelo has assumed the responsibility of taking Porzingis under his wing. Though the rook might not play a tremendous role in 2015-16, he is viewed as a cornerstone moving forward and is another highly skilled player to slot next to Melo.

On the first day of practice, Porzingis impressed Melo with his poise and fearlessness on the floor:

“For an 18-, 19-year-old guy to come into the NBA and not feel any pressure . . . I don’t know what he feels on the inside, but from what I see, he don’t feel any pressure, it looks like he’s handling things pretty well. We just got to keep that going.” (via Newsday)

Melo and Zinger have already played a few times one-on-one, with the veteran dishing out a ton of punishment to help the precocious neophyte adapt to the physicality of the NBA. Porzingis, reportedly, took it all in stride and did not waver one bit.

Phil Jackson selected Porzingis 4th overall because of his versatility and potential to develop into another bonafide star alongside Melo. A 7’3 scorer from long-range, with ball skills on the perimeter, he can alleviate a lot Melo’s normal pressure.

Earning Melo’s respect is the first step for Zinger to succeed as a Knickerbocker. And once this one-two punch starts to make noise under the bright lights of MSG, a corresponding TV deal might actually be in a works.


-Jabari J.

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