“The Indecision: Starring DeAndre Jordan, A 13 for 30 Series”

DeAndre Jordan is back with the Clippers...but it wasn't easy! (Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports)
DeAndre Jordan is back with the Clippers…but it wasn’t easy! (Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports)

“The Indecision.” Just when you thought the dog days of the NBA were nigh, DeAndre Jordan, the Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, and Twitter delivered one of the most entertaining days of the year.

After committing to a verbal agreement (on July 3rd; unable to make it official until moratorium is lifted on July 9th) to sign with the Dallas Mavericks, DeAndre Jordan stunned everyone by returning to the Los Angeles Clippers! But it wasn’t that easy…oh no, Jordan’s sudden change of heart was a crazy spectacle that produced some hilarious moments (not so much if you’re a Mavs fan).

Social media went into a frenzy yesterday, culminating in an emoji war between some Clipper players (Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, JJ Redick), Mavs (Chandler Parsons), writers and fans! Even Kobe Bryant, MJ (or at least the Jumpman account) and Scottie Pippen offered their “two cents” into the situation. Throughout the day, DeAndre Jordan’s name was mentioned, on social media, a whopping 436,000 times!

Prior to his final decision, Jordan was reportedly fed up with his limited role in LA and had a sour relationship with Chris Paul. But after having second thoughts on joining Dallas, Doc Rivers, JJ Redick, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin & Paul Pierce all traveled to DJ’s home in Houston, Texas to convince him to stay. After a brief “heart to heart” with both Paul and the team, Jordan changed his mind.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Houston Rockets

Twitter, however, saw it differently. The jokes were endless…DJ was “held hostage” and being forced to sign on the dotted line, Mark Cuban was desperately driving around to find Jordan’s house so he could change his mind (again), and some people just tweeted out their account of the situation using emojis!

July 8, 2015 may go down as the greatest day in NBA Twitter history. From speculation that Jordan was being “held hostage” by the Clippers to Chandler Parsons’ clever rebuttal to DJ’s final decision, it was the most entertaining day of the summer so far.

In the end, however, the Clippers got their prized free agent to stay in LA (5 yr/$110 million extension). Ethically or not, Jordan essentially admitted making a mistake by verbally committing to Dallas and exercised his right, as a free agent, to explore all available options.

The aftermath: a jubilant Clipper bunch ready to compete for a championship next season and a devastated Dallas group who may be on the verge of tanking the season (incentive to tank; Boston owns their 2016 first rounder, top-7 protected).

It was a weird, weird day that will be remembered for a very long time in NBA circles. Looking back, Jordan’s “indecision” will have a rippling effect on free agency as we know it in the future.


-Jabari J.

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