“Crouching Tiger”: Jordan Mickey Prospect Profile

Can Mickey's defense carry him to the first round? (Getty Images)
Can Mickey’s defense carry him to the first round? (Getty Images)

Jordan Mickey (Sophomore, LSU, @Jmickey_02)

Power Forward/6’8/235/Age: 20

Product of…Prime Prep Academy via Dallas, TX

Quick Stats

15.4 points/game, 9.9 rebounds/game, 1.3 assists/game

Jordan Mickey is a tough prospect to size up. Despite his good athleticism and rebounding prowess, his lack of size and a defined position might ward off some teams later on in the first round. The Draft Combine, however, was a nice boost for Mickey, who stood out in both 5-on-5 contests.

In the first game, he was rangy on defense and tallied 8 blocks! That’s no easy task, no matter who you are competing against and especially in an open floor, fast break setting that does not favor defensive-minded contributors. Mickey’s offense needs polish but we see a nice future for him in the league as a second unit hybrid forward.


-Quick, explosive leaper; impressive second-jumping ability

-High quality shot-blocker; alters plenty of looks around the bucket (7’3 wingspan) and on the perimeter; closes out to shooters very well

-Ravenous rebounder; comes up with 50-50 balls on a regular basis

Jordan Mickey NBA


-Lacks strength as an undersized four man

-Limited offense; put backs, transition opportunities and easy finishes are his primary sources

-Very poor free-throw shooter

D.O.G. Status: Mickey’s lack of offense holds him back but he has shown enough dedication and promise on defense to generate enough buzz. Adding a consistent outside shot significantly helps his chances.

NBA Comparison: Tristan Thompson


-Jabari J.

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