“All We Know Is Eat”: Rashad Vaughn Prospect Profile

Rashad Vaughn can score in bunches. (Getty Images)
Rashad Vaughn can score in bunches. (Getty Images)

Rashad Vaughn (Freshman, UNLV, @ShowtimeMr1)

Shooting Guard/6’6/215/Age: 18

Product of…Findlay College Prep via Minneapolis, MN

Quick Stats

17.8 points/game, 4.8 rebounds/game, 1.6 assists/game

Rashad Vaughn is banking on his tremendous upside come June. As a freshman, he flashed a nice array of talent as a scorer, leading the Rebels at just under 18 points a night. At 6’6, Vaughn has ideal size for the two-guard position and is developing playing out of the post.

As with most players his age, defense is not his calling card yet. But with nice athleticism and a commitment to working hard and perfecting his weaknesses, Vaughn is a nice player to roll the dice on. Although he is projected as a bubble first-rounder, a contender like Golden State or San Antonio will have the luxury of developing him until he is ready to contribute.


-Talented outside shooter (converted threes at 41% as a freshman); effective scorer; very good feel for picking exactly where/how to attack defenses

-Good size for the position; active rebounder, fights to keep plays alive

-Youth, untapped potential; variety of offensive moves at only age 18

Rashad Vaughn Prospect

-Not much of a playmaker at this stage; looks to score more often than not (has trouble finding teammates sometimes; avg. only 1.6 assists/night)

-Roams defensively; gets lost off-ball and has struggled to fight over screens

-Falls in love with jumpers; capable of attacking but doesn’t do it often enough

D.O.G. Status: Vaughn’s season was cut short in February due to knee surgery. With health on his side heading into the draft and Summer League play, expect to see to full display of his scoring prowess very soon. Late-first to early second is his likely range.

NBA Comparison: Jeremy Lamb/Ricky Ledo


-Jabari J.

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