“They Don’t Understand Me”: Robert Upshaw Prospect Profile

Upshaw's stock in on the come up. (Getty Images)
Upshaw’s stock is on the come up. (Getty Images)

Robert Upshaw (Sophomore, Washington)

Center/7’0/260/Age: 21

Product of…San Joaquin Memorial via Fresno, CA

Quick Stats

10.9 points/game, 8.2 rebounds/game, 0.5 assists/game

Robert Upshaw has the opportunity to become a very special pivot. With a more mature mindset and dedication to the game of basketball, he is climbing up draft boards after meeting with numerous teams at the NBA Draft Combine. His rare combination of athleticism and a soft touch is highly coveted.

During workouts, Upshaw showed his ability to knock down 15-18 footers operating in P&R and out of the post. While his future squad likely won’t ask him to score from the block as a rookie, his skill near the basket and defensive activity will impact games. Upshaw clearly has lottery-level talent. If he continues to shore up his character, we’re looking at a high-quality big.


-Very comfortable scoring in the paint; good hands, moves well laterally

-Tenacious rebounder and impressive help-side shot blocker (avg. 4.5/game last season); intimidating presence down low

-Nice athlete with great measurables (7’8 wingspan, 9’5 standing reach)

Robert Upshaw Prospect


-Footwork and patience needs work

-Is making strides towards a consistent jumper; motion could use polish

-Lacks go-to moves in the post; should not take long to develop given his work ethic and excellent touch

D.O.G. Status: Upshaw is a risky selection solely due to the potential baggage he carries off the floor. However, he could be a game-changing, two-way center before long.

NBA Comparison: DeAndre Jordan/Sean Williams


-Jabari J.

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