“The Gunslinger”: Buddy Hield Prospect Profile

Buddy Hield Profile
Buddy Hield will be a nice scorer in the NBA. (Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports)

Buddy Hield (Junior, Oklahoma, @buddyhield)

Shooting Guard/6’4/215/Age: 21

Product of…Sunrise Christian Academy (Wichita, KS) via Freeport, Bahamas

Quick Stats:

17.4 points/game, 5.4 rebounds/game, 1.9 assists/game

Buddy Hield, a fast-talking, gunslinger from the Bahamas, is an explosive scoring guard. With the NBA currently lacking many true, shooting guards who can create offense, Hield has a leg up on the competition once the draft rolls along.

At 6’4, Buddy can handle the ball well, score from outside and projects as a strong defender if he develops more passion and intensity night in and night out. His game strongly resembles Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews, an adept scorer who does not back down from challenges on the defensive end. Oklahoma’s improved team warranted a lot of attention from scouts this year. Hield’s starring role should give an inside track on a late first-round slot this June.


-“Instant offense”; capable of carrying a team for stretches of games

-Good outside shooter; nice elevation and release on his jumper

-Brings many intangibles to the position; good rebounder and shot creator for a two-guard

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Oklahoma


-Needs to work on shot selection; settled for threes far too often

-Undersized shooting guard

-Has to improve finishing ability around the basket; often prefers the floater over getting all the way to the rim

D.O.G. Status: In a few years, we could be talking about Buddy Hield as a one of the top Sixth Men in the league. Ben Gordon, Marcus Thornton and Jodie Meeks are names that come to mind when analyzing Hield’s game.

NBA Comparison: Ben Gordon/Jodie Meeks


-Jabari J.

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