“Top Cat”: Stanley Johnson Prospect Profile

Is Stanley Johnson a future All-Star or role player? (Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA Today Sports)
Is Stanley Johnson a future All-Star or role player? (Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA Today Sports)

Stanley Johnson (Freshman, Arizona, @_5Gauge)

Small Forward/6’7/245/Age: 18

Product of…Mater Dei (Fullerton, CA)

Quick Stats

13.8 points/game, 6.5 rebounds/game, 1.7 assists/game

Stanley Johnson is a potential stud, plain and simple. Coming into the season, he was billed as a sure fire “one and done” player and he has not disappointed. A throwback, power player with a nice touch from the perimeter, there aren’t many things Johnson can’t do on the court.

With guard skills in a forward’s body (ability to score, handle; solid athlete), he is capable of making difficult plays look commonplace. Though he isn’t the best shooter yet, Johnson has all of the tools to polish that part of his game in years to come. No, Reggie Miller, he isn’t the next LeBron James but Stanley will make an indelible mark on any team who selects him in the lottery.


-NBA body; will be able to hold his own despite entering the league at only age 19

-Excellent ball-handler for his size; improving ability to make plays; can get into the lane and finish around the basket through defenders; great in transition

-Should be a good defender from day 1; nice on-ball principles

Stanley Johnson 2


-Inconsistent jumper despite good mechanics on his shot; needs to expand range

-How does he fare versus better athletes? Won’t be able to get by solely on his strength in the league

-A bit of a tweener at this point; will he be able to find his niche as a 3?

D.O.G. Status: Stanley Johnson definitely has a top D.O.G. mentality. Think a more consistent version of pre-brawl Ron Artest.

NBA Comparison: Ron Artest


-Jabari J.

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