“Lottery Dreams”: Kevon Looney Prospect Profile

Kevon Looney could be the perfect fit for a contending team. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)
Kevon Looney could be the perfect fit for a contending team. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

Kevon Looney (Freshman, UCLA)

Small Forward-Power Forward/6’9/220/Age: 19

Product of…Milwaukee Hamilton (Milwaukee, WI)

Quick Stats

11.6 points/game, 9.2 rebounds/game, 1.4 assists/game

Jack of all trades, master of none. Going into the next level, Looney will either embrace or shake that moniker. As a classic tweener, he is comfortable both playing on the perimeter and banging for tough boards and putbacks in traffic. But in the league, Looney has to shore up his jump shot so defenders won’t play off of him.

He’s a very intriguing prospect because, at the very least, he is a high-caliber “glue” guy who can step into the lineup and impress with intangibles. And at just age 19, Looney has the time to turn into an All-Star if nurtured under the right situation. Versatile hybrid forwards are pretty valuable…just ask Golden State how they feel about Draymond Green. While Looney isn’t exactly the same kind of player, he projects to have the same kind of impact as Green in the future.


-Tough, heady player with great athleticism; majority of his offense comes from “hustle points” but he can put the ball on the floor and score; good ball-handler

-Great rebounding instincts; goes after every ball in, or near, his area

-Extremely high upside (7’1 wingspan); could develop into a two-way star; skilled playmaker

K. Looney


-Not a traditional 3, more of a tweener; if he wants to play power forward, he needs to add a lot more strength to his frame

-Pretty limited post game; not comfortable scoring with his back to the basket

-OK range on his jumper; NBA 3-point line is a challenge at this point

D.O.G. Status: Youth, athleticism and fire are all on Kevon Looney’s side. At the moment, he seems on a fast track to becoming a star UnderDOG in the NBA.

NBA Comparison: Lamar Odom


-Jabari J.

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