“Rite of Passage”: Jerian Grant Prospect Profile

Jerian Grant Prospect
Did staying all four years pay off for Jerian Grant? (Getty Images)

Jerian Grant (Senior, Notre Dame, @ThatGrant22)

Point Guard/6’5/205/Age: 22

Product of…DeMatha (Bowie, MD)

Quick Stats

16.8 points/game, 6.6 assists/game, 3 rebounds/game

Grant’s rise to stardom is remarkable, especially considering he was unable to participate in postseason play at this very time last year. From a borderline NBA prospect to Player of the Year, Grant is in the running to be one of the first point guards taken. Tall, athletic point guards are a very rare breed in today’s era of speedy floor generals running the show, so he will be in high demand for teams looking to add a unique dimension to the roster.

Grant’s game is pretty versatile: he can knock down the long ball, score on the inside and make plays on both ends. Adding an in-between attack and polishing his on-ball defense will be the priority for Grant this summer but a deep Irish run will give GMs enough ammo to pull the trigger come June.


-Great size for a PG (6’5) with the ability to play both backcourt positions; very confident creating plays for others and surveying the defense (assists/game has risen every year at ND)

-Pretty good scoring threat; able to score off of the dribble and knock down shots from the outside

-Great pedigree; father (Harvey Grant), uncle (Horace Grant) & brother (Jerami Grant; current Philadelphia 76er) all play(ed) in the NBA

Jerian Grant Irish


-Needs to have a better feel of when to pick his spots in terms of scoring

-Does not have much of an offensive package if he cannot get all the way to the basket; mid-range game and shots outside of the lane must be added

-Limited upside? Could be a solid player but will he be able to justify his status as a possible lottery pick?

D.O.G. Status: Though Grant doesn’t have star potential like other players in this draft, he is one of the more NBA-ready prospects around. He will be in someone’s rotation next season.

NBA Comparison: Greivis Vasquez (more athletic)


-Jabari J.

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