The Kennel: “Revenge is in the Air”

LeBron dunking
LeBron James and the Cavs aim for 12 straight tonight. Can they hold home court against the LA Clippers? (Barry Gossage/Getty Images)

Today, we introduce “The Kennel,” Delay of Game’s new series that provides a quick preview of the games scheduled for the day ahead. Here, we predict the top performers (Top D.O.G.), projected winners, and give a “unique” analysis of the best match ups. With four games on the slate, here’s what you need to know heading into tonight.

Washington Wizards (31-19) at Charlotte Hornets (21-27); 7:00 ET, League Pass

#RevengeGame: John Wall and the Wiz Kids struggled to get the best of the Hornets in their last contest, a 92-88 defeat in Washington. Even though Charlotte is absent Kemba Walker, they rank number 1 in scoring defense since January 1st (allow just 89.4 ppg) and are climbing up the standings.

Look for Wall and Bradley Beal to set the tone early, however, and knock off Big Al Jefferson and the bees early on.

John Wall: Projected Top D.O.G.

Projected Winner:

wiz logo

Los Angeles Clippers (33-16) at Cleveland Cavaliers (30-20); 8:00 ET, TNT

A D.O.G. Haiku…

Aiming for 12 straight

LeBron and Kyrie hang tough

Paul and Blake too clutch

Chris Paul: Projected Top D.O.G.

Projected Winner:

clippers logo

Dallas Mavericks (33-18) at Sacramento Kings (17-30)

Hyphenated Preview: Face-Plant

Dallas faces an uphill battle without Rajon Rondo for an indefinite amount of time. Tonight, the Kings’ own turbulence should lead way to a bounce-back victory (lost to GSW, 128-114 last night). If DeMarcus Cousins goes full tilt Boogie, however, it could be closer than you think.

Dirk Nowitzki: Projected Top D.O.G. 

Projected Winner: 


Phoenix Suns (28-22) at Portland Trail Blazers (33-16)

Watchability Meter:

Dame 600E. Bled 600Dame 600E. Bled 600

Damian Lillard’s “Revenge Tour” continues versus the Suns tonight. Although the Suns’ trio of guards (Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas) were also All-Star snubs, Dame’s determination to seek comeuppance on those who have slighted him is unmatched.

Tonight, Damian Lillard is…Arrow.

Sorry Phoenix, he won’t stop at any cost til the job gets done.

Damian Lillard: Projected Top D.O.G.

Projected Winner:



-Jabari J.

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