Memory Lane Monday: “Vinsanity”

Happy Birthday VC! (Getty Images)

Yesterday was the 38th birthday of Vince Carter aka the Artist Formerly Known as Half-Man, Half-Amazing. Carter, one of the most gifted athletes to ever lace em up, was a captivating scorer for the Toronto Raptors in the early 2000s. Though he never was able to help deliver a championship in Toronto, New Jersey, or Orlando, Vinsanity transformed his game into an effective reserve player as his career went on.

Right now, he is a very valued member of the Grizzlies’ bench unit and could prove as an X-Factor once the playoffs roll around. While Vince is nearing the end of his illustrious basketball life, fans are still treated to a glimpse of his former self every now and then.


Here’s a look at couple of our favorite, all-time moments from Carter…a 39-point performance with clutch play that downed the Raptors in the Air Canada Centre back in 2008.

And his INCREDIBLE showing in the 2000 Dunk Contest. Long live Vinsanity:


-Jabari J.

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